Gigs 2015


12/2 Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Haifa, Palestine (with the Bozoor band)

13/2 Concert at LaWain, Ramallah, Palestine (with the Bozoor band)

24/6 Kafé de Luxe, Växjö, Sweden (with the Bozoor band)

8/7  Sajvvá, Malmö, Sweden (with The Polydramatics) 

11/7 Öland Roots, Sweden (with the Bozoor band)

7/8 Ökända Festival, Ven, Sweden (with The Polydramatics) 

28/8 Skottvångs Gruva, Gnesta, Sweden (with The Polydramatics) 

29/8 Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden (with The Polydramatics)