Published August 1, 2015

New dawn, new day, new band…


Meet The Polydramatics!

Starting with a random guest performance at the Grand Cocktail Club in December 2014, when musical passion was ignited between Hanouneh and the backing band, the concept of The Polydramatics has emerged and taken shape during the first half of 2015.
A simple setup with Rhodes piano, double bass and drums creates a complex but groovy universe, framing intimate and edgy lyrics.
Entirely new material composed by Hanouneh – more jazzy , more mature – will be performed by this amazing group from now on. Prepare for new vibes and sounds!

Published February 28, 2015

Hanouneh & Bozoor in Palestine



In February, Hanouneh brought her band to Palestine and played one gig at the Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Haifa and one at LaWain in Ramallah together with local musicians like Walaa Sbait, Maysaa Daw, Asifeh/Stormtrap, Bruno Cruz, and more. The collaboration will continue with more events in October 2015.

Published September 20, 2014

Hanouneh on tour in Mali!

Amazing news: Hanouneh & the Rolling Rebels are confirmed to visit Bamako, Mali this autumn and play at Mix Culture Festival, hosted by the great Ahmed Fofana (making a guest appearance with us at Baobab Festival in the picture below). Hopefully we will make some performances at other venues and clubs during our trip. Will update you more, for sure!